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Know the Facts

Do Not Be Steered: In the state of PA you have the “right to choose” your own collision repair facility. Do not be steered away from us by any insurance company. Our insurance claims experts will assist you with the auto repair portion of your insurance claim and we are able to work with all major insurance companies.

Protect Your Investment: The purchase of a new vehicle is one of the most important and expensive investments you will make. When your vehicle is damaged in a collision, you should protect this investment by having your vehicle repaired at a qualified repair facility.

Customer Satisfaction: We at Grossi & Associates, Inc. believe that customer satisfaction should be the ultimate goal of both your insurance representative and our collision repair facility. We personally guarantee and warranty any work performed by Grossi & Associates Inc.

Free Estimates: Grossi & Associates, Inc. offers free computerized estimates, featuring digital imaging, utilizing the CCC One Estimating System for fast, efficient service to process your collision repair service claims. We offer contactless photo estimating through our website with smartphone and tablet links without the need to download an unwanted app or through email by request.

Insurance Claim Assistance: We have been handling accident claims for over 40 years. We work with all insurance companies to handle your collision repair claim from start to finish.

Licensed PA Damage Appraisers: Our estimators are licensed Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Physical Damage Appraisers and are I-Car Trained, to provide you with the most efficient and capable estimating service available.